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Alternative forms[edit]


star +‎ fucker


starfucker (plural starfuckers)

  1. (slang, vulgar, derogatory) One who obsessively seeks sex or association with stars, or celebrities.
    • 2003, Robert A. Schanke, "That Furious Lesbian": The Story of Mercedes De Acosta →ISBN p. 1
      In more contemporary publications, she has been damned as "starstruck," a "lover to the stars," and more outrageously, "the greatest starfucker ever."
    • 2004[1]
      "No, Blair’s alright, he’s such a star-fucker.", remark allegedly made by Rupert Murdoch when asked whether he thought that British Prime Minister Tony Blair was likely to regulate cross-media ownership
    • 2005, Jill Soloway, Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants →ISBN, p. 47
      I am a starfucker. I am a fuckin' star fucking starfucker. There is nothing I love more than a star, except a reality star, which proves nothing except that I'm disturbed in a very special way.
    • 2007, Vanity Fair, February 2006, page 196.
      Peter Munk notes, "Conrad is a starfucker - has been all his life. He gets turned on physically by fame and prominence."