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From star +‎ lore.


starlore (usually uncountable, plural starlores)

  1. The study, knowledge, or science of stars; astrology; astronomy.
    • 1897, J. Gordon Mowat; John Alexander Cooper; Newton MacTavish, The Canadian magazine of politics, science, art and literature - Volume 9 - Page 455:
      Even when primitive races tried to advance a step beyond their rude starlore into astronomy, and divided the year into 360 days, and the month into 30 days, inventing a week of five days, six of which made a month, and seventy-two a year, [...]
    • 1913, The stars and their stories: a book for young people - Page 207:
      In German starlore, the small star just above the middle one in the shaft of Charles's Wain, is a wagoner, who, having given our Saviour a lift, was offered the kingdom of heaven for his reward, but who said he would sooner be driving from east to west to all eternity, and whose desire was granted.
    • 1967, Johannes (Damascenus), Barlaam and Loasaph:
      Now on his son's birthday feast there came unto the king some five and fifty chosen men, schooled in the starlore of the Chaldaeans.
    • 2010, Paul Carter, Ground Truthing: Explorations in a Creative Region - Page 80:
      Presumably, it was access to this manuscript that explains the differences between the 1857 and 1861 papers, the later one expanding the 1857 account of Boorong starlore to include a general survey of central Victorian Aboriginal culture.

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