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From star +‎ -ly. Compare sunly, moonly.


starly (comparative more starly, superlative most starly)

  1. (nonstandard) Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a star or stars; astral.
    • 1962, Jozef Marie Antoon Janssen, International Association of Egyptologists, Bibliographie égyptologique annuelle:
      [...] The exact setting of position of the Pyramids with regard to the points of the compass; The ceremony of "Stretching Cord"; Constellation of the Great Bear; History of the starly guardians of the poles; [...]
    • 1984, Taehan Suhakhoe, Journal of the Korean Mathematical Society:
      If g separates starly points from closed sets, g is a COC-map giving rise to a Nagata function as can be seen by the argument above.


starly (comparative more starly, superlative most starly)

  1. (nonstandard) In a starly manner.
    • 2004, Ilkka Niiniluoto, Matti Sintonen, Jan Woleński, Handbook of epistemology:
      For the sense-datum theory, we have a sense-datum produced by it as it was; on the adverbial view, we are sensing "starly" in the way we would have if we had received the relevant visual stimuli at the time the star produced them.
    • 2010, Ralph Ellison, John Callahan, Adam Bradley, Three Days Before the Shooting:
      [...] and he could see the stars in the well again and there came again the rising feeling of falling well-ward into the watery sky, falling freely, well and sky, uply downly skyly, starly brightly well-ly wishing her mother No finish go [...]