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station +‎ master


stationmaster (plural stationmasters)

  1. (rail transport) The person in charge of a railroad station, usually an employee of a particular railroad by which the station is owned, but sometimes an employee of a separate corporation, such as one owning a station used by two or more railroads.
    • 1920, Katherine Mansfield [pseudonym; Kathleen Mansfield Murry], “The Escape”, in Bliss and Other Stories, London: Constable & Company, published 1920, →OCLC, page 273:
      The glare, the flies, while they waited, and he and the stationmaster put their heads together over the time-table, trying to find this other train, which, of course, they wouldn't catch.
    • 2023 March 8, Paul Salveson, “Fond farewells to two final trains...”, in RAIL, number 978, page 54:
      The stationmaster was an important part of the local community. Anyon Kay, in his reminiscences of Horwich in the early 20th century, remembers a Mr Horsfield as stationmaster - "a gentlemanly character who took his job very seriously".