stature in life

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stature in life (plural statures in life)

  1. Social status.
    • 2010, Lana Burroughs, Tim Lancaster, Grant Rimbey, Temple Terrace, Arcadia, page 19:
      The woman's formal attire, stylish hat, and polished boots indicate her stature in life.
    • 2011, Billie Conner, The Baroness and the Preacher, Xlibris, page 46:
      It matters naught that you only have a little in the way of earthy riches. It matters naught that your stature in life is less than that of someone else you know.
    • 2012, Professor Thomas Johnson, Felon Verstehen, Xlibris, page 51:
      To sort through the sewage, I am sacrificing my identity and my little stature in life to come out in the open, removing my camouflage.