stay in one's lane

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Metaphor, from the conventions for driving a motor vehicle.


stay in one's lane (third-person singular simple present stays in one's lane, present participle staying in one's lane, simple past and past participle stayed in one's lane)

  1. (idiomatic) To keep to one's own kind; to avoid intermixing or associating with other types of people.
    • 2015, Daniel Steverson, The Blackening White (page 30)
      There are those who try to outlive their means while others just stay in their lane. Some of us are used to being broke, having less []
    • 1999, Nelson George, Hip Hop America (page 84)
      That's because this place is racist, but also because most black filmmakers don't have an interest in integrating. They've accepted the premise that they must stay in their lane []


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