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stedfast (comparative stedfaster or more stedfast, superlative stedfastest or most stedfast)

  1. Archaic spelling of steadfast.
    • 1908, Julia de Wolf Addison, Arts and Crafts in the Middle Ages[1], Reprint edition, Project Gutenberg, published 2006:
      …water is of itself fleeting, but by strength of cold it is turned and made stedfast crystal.
    • 1915 August 23, Frank P. Walsh, “Perilous Philanthropy”, in The Independent:
      … Samuel Gompers directed against the whole Rockefeller investigation into industry, that organized labor will continue to remain sternly aloof and to view this new activity with stedfast distrust.
    • 1935, Charles Caldwell Dobie, San Francisco Tales[2] (Fiction), Digitized Reprint edition, D. Appleton-Century, published 2007, page 190:
      Could heroics give her back her son? Nay, she must be stedfast, even though false security had betrayed her hidden softness.
    • 1979, Edward Albert, quoting John Keats, James Alfred Stone, editor, History of English Literature, Fifth, Digitized edition, Harrap, published 2009, →ISBN:
      Bright Star, would I were stedfast as thou art, are worthy to be ranked with those of Shakespeare.