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From Ancient Greek στιχάριον(stikhárion).


sticharion ‎(plural sticharions or sticharia)

  1. The outer clerical garb worn by clergy in the Greek Orthodox Church, corresponding to the alb in catholic churches.
    • 1972, Robert Silverberg, “Thomas the Proclaimer”, in Sailing to Byzantium, Agberg Ltd., published September 2000, page 232:
      a little band of marchers displays Greek Orthodox outfits, the rhason and sticharion, the epitrachelion and the epimanikia, the sakkos, the epigonation, the zone, the omophorion; they brandish icons and enkolpia, dikerotikera and dikanikion.
    • 1998, Encyclopaedia Britannica CD 98 Multimedia Edition:
      The sticharion, which is held by the zone, or girdle, corresponds to the alb.


Coordinate terms[edit]