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Borrowing from Byzantine Greek ἐπιτραχήλιον ‎(epitrakhḗlion), from Ancient Greek ἐπιτραχήλιος ‎(epitrakhḗlios, on the neck).


epitrachelion ‎(plural epitrachelions)

  1. The liturgical vestment worn by priests and bishops of the Orthodox Church as the symbol of their priesthood, corresponding to the Western stole.
    • The epitrachelion is the Orthodox equivalent of the stole, but it hangs straight instead of being crossed over the chest, as is the case with the stole in Western churches. Copyright 1994-1998 Encyclopaedia Britannica CD 98 Multimedia Edition
    • 1972 ";a little band of marchers displays Greek Orthodox outfits, the rhason and sticharion, the epitrachelion and the epimanikia, the sakkos, the epigonation, the zone, the omophorion; they brandish icons and enkolpia, dikerotikera and dikanikion. Robert Silverberg:Thomas the Proclaimer: Agberg Ltd. This edition in 'Sailing to Byzantium' September 2000 ibooks inc. P232.
    • Although the~ bishop also wears - an epitrachelion, his distinctive sign of office is the omophorion-a long, broad strip arranged on the shoulders in such a way that one end descends in front and the other behind. [1]


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