stick plaster

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stick plaster (plural stick plasters)

  1. (Britain) Alternative form of sticking plaster
    • 1929, The Melliand, Volume 1, Number 6, page 897:
      [] , blood vessel bandages, plaster bandages, sanitary pads and bandages, washable gauze bandages, silk stick plasters, bandage papers, etc.
    • 2001, Graham Arthurs, Anaesthesia: A Concise Handbook, page 93:
      Attach catheter onto two circular double stick plasters, one at the site of catheter entry to the skin and the other 5 cm away.
    • 2012, Ben Wilson, quoted in "Banking IT cowboys 'need whipping into shape by watchdog'", The Register:
      For the past four years, government and regulators have been trying to treat the wounds exposed by the financial crisis with stick plasters.