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sticktoitive +‎ -ness


sticktoitiveness (uncountable)

  1. (informal) persistence; determination.
    Synonym: stick-at-itiveness
    • 1871, The Indiana School Journal:
      There is no success like "sticktoitiveness."
    • 1892, Gleanings in Bee Culture, volume 20:
      Although this costs us a good deal more, we charge no more for it, and are satisfied with the "sticktoitiveness" of our subscribers.
    • 1898, "Duty of the Farmer" by E. E. Rodgers, from Indiana Board of Agriculture annual report, Issue 47
      Yes, but, says one, it is muscle and everlasting grit and sticktoitiveness that makes the farm go. The sticktoitiveness is all right but an abnormal muscle is not altogether necessary.
    • 1899, "The Planting and Culture of an Apple Orchard" by R.A. Jones from the proceedings of the annual convention of the Northwest Fruit Growers Association
      To be in the successful 10 per cent, as above referred to, requires an abundance of sticktoitiveness, energy, thought, industry, and watchfulness. Now, in which class do you propose to be?
    • 1905, Ad sense: devoted to the interests of buyers of advertising, volume 18:
      There is probably nothing more essential to permanent business success than sticktoitiveness, or it might be expressed in the word continuity. It requires time to fit oneself for service.
    • 1921, National Electric Light Association, Convention, volume 1:
      And let me tell you that the greatest test of sticktoitiveness that has ever yet been devised is the application of a correspondence course.
    • 1990, David King Dunaway, How can I keep from singing: Pete Seeger, page 305:
      Perhaps he oversimplified his life when he wrote: "All you need to be a modern johnny Appleseed is a guitar and some sticktoitiveness,"
    • 2011, Melvin Pennant, “Colour-coded justice system?”, in The Gleaner, Jamaica:
      But before we give kudos to the media for their stick-to-itiveness in this case, let us examine some minor details that might just prove my theory that political association seems to grant special favours.