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Alternative forms[edit]


stock +‎ boy


stockboy (plural stockboys)

  1. A young stockman.
    • 1938, Xavier Herbert, Capricornia, Chapter VI, p. 85, [1]
      He spoke quietly, in a rather cultured voice, saying, "Your brother Mark gave Jock one of his halfcaste piccaninnies for a stock-boy. [] " (cf. stockman sense 1)
    • 2009 April 19, Allen Salkin, “He’s the Man Who Sets the Table”, in New York Times[2]:
      When an aunt who was an actress helped him find a job in the William Morris mailroom, where would-be agents traditionally start, the salary was not enough to support him, so he took a second job working as a stockboy at a Macy’s in New Jersey.
    • 2013, Arthur Danto, What Art Is, New Haven: Yale University Press, Chapter 1, p. 36,
      A marvelous photograph by Fred McDarrah shows Andy Template:Warhol standing among his boxes, like a stock boy in the stockroom, his pasty face looking out at us.