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stocking +‎ -less


stockingless (not comparable)

  1. Not wearing stockings.
    Synonym: unstockinged
    • 1855 December – 1857 June, Charles Dickens, “Mrs. Flintwinch has a Dream”, in Little Dorrit, London: Bradbury and Evans, [], published 1857, OCLC 83401042, book the first (Poverty), page 31:
      Mrs. Flintwinch crossed the hall, feeling its pavement cold to her stockingless feet, and peeped in between the rusty hinges on the door, which stood a little open.
    • 1901, Miles Franklin, My Brilliant Career[1]:
      Her tremendous, flabby, stockingless ankles bulged over her unlaced hobnailed boots; her dress was torn and unbuttoned at the throat, displaying one of the dirtiest necks I have seen.