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  1. simple past tense and past participle of stonewall


stonewalled (not comparable)

  1. Surrounded or defined in size and shape by a wall of stone.
    • 1906, Ernest W. Dormer, "Memories of Ufton Court", in The Antiquary, Volume 42, page 418:
      Leading from the terrace to the old stonewalled garden is a flight of stone steps.
    • 1953, Ralph Bernard Pugh, The Victoria History of Wiltshire, page 72:
      The stonewalled farmhouse is of the late 16th century or the early 17th, extended southwards in the early 19th century
    • 2004, Sigmund Brouwer, The Missing Map of Pirate's Haven, page 53:
      In fact, one of the few main differences was that Doreen's house had an old stonewalled shed back near the cliffs, and Carl's didn't.