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The word is attested in the 18th to 19th century, and remains in limited use in literary language as a synonym of stregoneria is "italian witchcraft". Both terms are from strega +‎ -eria (the latter with an additional -ona- suffix), ultimately a derivation from Latin strix "witch".

The word is used by Girolamo Tartarotti Apologia del Congresso Notturno Delle Lamie (1751), and is listed in Michele Ponza Vocabolario piemontese-italiano del professore di gramatica italiana e latina (1860).

The Nouveau dictionnaire italien-francais et francais-italien by Costanzo Ferrari, Arthur Enkenkel (1900) lists stregheria and stregoneria as separate entries. Lo Zingarelli (2008), the standard modern Italian dictionary, lists stregoneria as a literary usage otherwise equivalent to "stregoneria".


stregheria f (plural stregherie)

  1. (archaic) sorcery, witchcraft