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stult (third-person singular simple present stults, present participle stulting, simple past and past participle stulted)

  1. To choke off; to arrest; to deprive of strength or efficacy.
    • 1876, The Insurance Times - Volume 9, page 409:
      He thought that this paper would tend to stult the publication of those many absurd and misleading tabular statements with which the insurance world has been overdone for the last three or four years.
    • 1907, Actuarial Society of America, Transactions - Volume 10, page 522:
      If there is anything of a deterrent character in the working of the act now in force, so as to stult the business in the future, or to interfere with the great beneficent business of life insurance, to limit its usefulness, it certainly will have to go.
    • 1914, Missouri. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Annual Report: 1912/1913, page 631:
      A great Injury to humanity is clone through needlessly and carelessly permitting workers to be poisoned by white lead, injured by excessive heat, made tuberculous by dusts, diseased' and stulted by working conditions that could be avoided.
    • 1987, Virendra Narain, Foreign Policy of Bangladesh, 1971-1981:
      In Pakistan, national liberation movement instead of moving forward, got stulted and its subcomponent, the foreign policy, far from being useful to the progress of national liberation, became instrumental in undermining even its political freedom.

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