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Alternative forms[edit]


sub- +‎ clinical


subclinical (not comparable)

  1. (medicine, of a disease or injury) Without signs and symptoms that are detectable by physical examination or laboratory test; not clinically manifest.
    Coordinate terms: clinical, nonclinical
    Some conditions may remain subclinical until they resolve without intervention, whereas others worsen from subclinical to clinical status.
  2. (medicine, in diagnosis) Where some criteria are met but not enough to reach the status of a clinical diagnosis.
  3. (medicine, of a dosage) Less than is needed for clinical reasons.
    Off-label use of certain drugs at subclinical dosages has been a theme in realms of activity such as metabolic optimization, weight loss, body hacking, and neurohacking (e.g., nootropics); such drugs include metformin, beta-blockers, and others.

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