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sub- +‎ genital


subgenital (comparative more subgenital, superlative most subgenital)

  1. Posterior or interior to, or beneath the genitalia
    • 1920, American Entomological Society, Memoirs of the American Entomological Society: Issues 4-6, page 108
      Central America, which has the male subgenital plate strongly asymmetrical, produced sinistrad.
    • 1956, Robert Leslie Usinger, Aquatic insects of California, page 176
      Pronotum with a checkered pattern of black on yellow; female subgenital plate moderately produced, slightly excavated at the middle.
    • 1996, Richard W. Merritt, Kenneth W. Cummins, An introduction to the aquatic insects of North America, page 246
      Sternum 8 extending over sternum 9 as a distinct subgenital plate.

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subgenital m, f (plural subgenitales)

  1. subgenital