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Etymology 1[edit]

sub- +‎ machine


submachine (plural submachines)

  1. A machine forming part of a larger machine.
    1. (computer science) A part of a real or virtual machine which acts as a machine in its own right.
      • 1999, Martin Beran, “Decomposable Bulk Synchronous Parallel Computers”, in SOFSEM '99: Theory and Practice of Informatics[1], →ISBN, page 351:
        In the same computation, the computer may be decomposed repeatedly and the partitioning may vary from one split to the other. The submachines can further recursively decompose []

Etymology 2[edit]

Shortened from submachine gun


submachine (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to a submachine gun
    • 2003, Milt Bearden & James Risen, The Main Enemy[2], →ISBN, page 244:
      The body of one of the dead crewmen bounced and rolled a little as the submachine rounds ripped into it.