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sub- +‎ quest


subquest (plural subquests)

  1. (video games) A secondary quest that forms part of a larger quest.
    • 2001, Neal Hallford, Jana Hallford, Swords and circuitry: a designer's guide to computer role playing games (page 195)
      If each of five paths through the game has an entirely independent set of locations, monsters, spells, characters, subquests, and game objectives, the designer is essentially faced with creating five wholly different games.
    • 2009, Jim Perry, RPG programming using XNA game studio 3.0 (page 232)
      This is an example of a subquest that must be completed before the main one can be finished. Or the subquest could be finding a key that unlocks the room holding the princess since the room has been magically sealed against all entry without the key.
    • 2010, Ernest Adams, Fundamentals of game design (page 458)
      The quest is broken down into a number of episodes that progress in a linear sequence, each with its own subquest and major challenge at the end.