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sub- +‎ tweet


subtweet (plural subtweets)

  1. (Internet, neologism) A tweet (message posted to the microblogging service Twitter) that refers to another user without tagging their name in the message, so that the user being talked about is not automatically notified.
    • 2014, Daleen Berry, ‎Geoffrey Fuller, The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese
      But it was also a subtweet, addressed to one person but meant for someone else entirely.


subtweet (third-person singular simple present subtweets, present participle subtweeting, simple past and past participle subtweeted)

  1. (Internet, neologism) To post a message of this kind.
    • 2014, danah boyd, It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens (page 69)
      More often than not, they employed this term when referencing various teen dramas that occurred between friends and classmates that required insider knowledge to decode. In other words, teens subtweet to talk behind someone else's back.
  2. (by extension, neologism, nonce word, transitive) To speak obliquely about (a person).