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sun +‎ rising


sunrising (plural sunrisings)

  1. (obsolete) sunrise, daybreak
    • 1838, J. Endell Tyler, Henry of Monmouth, Volume 1[1]:
      "Those," he says, "in the castle of Llanpadarn have submitted to the Prince, and have sworn on the body of the Lord, administered to them by the hands of our cousin Richard Courtney, chancellor of Oxford, in the presence of the Duke of York, that if we, or our son, or our lieutenant, shall not be removed from the siege by Owyn Glyndowr between the 24th October next coming at sunrising, and the Feast of All Saints the next to come (1st (p. 217) November), in that case the said rebels will restore the castle in the same condition; and for greater security they have given hostages.
    • 1903, Philip P. Wells, Bible Stories and Religious Classics[2]:
      The pilgrim they laid in a large upper chamber, whose window opened toward the sunrising.
    • 1919, Lucas Malet, Deadham Hard[3]:
      Not into the sunset but into the sunrising did he love to sail some goodly black-hulled ship.