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super- +‎ add


  • IPA(key): /ˌsuːpəɹˈæd/
    • (file)


superadd (third-person singular simple present superadds, present participle superadding, simple past and past participle superadded)

  1. (transitive) To add on top of a previous addition.
    • 1843 April, Thomas Carlyle, “Abbot Samson”, in Past and Present, New York, N.Y.: William H. Colyer, [], published May 1843, OCLC 10193956, book:
      To our antiquarian interest in poor Jocelin and his Convent, where the whole aspect of existence, the whole dialect, of thought, of speech, of activity, is so obsolete, strange, long-vanished, there now superadds itself a mild glow of human interest for Abbot Samson […]
    • 2007, Lex Newman, The Cambridge companion to Locke's "Essay concerning human understanding":
      Locke's claim that God may superadd to matter a faculty of thinking allows us to usefully relabel our problem []


Derived terms[edit]