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super- +‎ almighty


superalmighty (not comparable)

  1. Truly unlimited in might; transcending that which is otherwise almighty.
    • 1848, Arthur Crihfield, The Universaliad[1], page 94:
      [] the God that we serve is not free: / There must be an attribute superalmighty / That binds even God what he knows to decree!
    • c. 1955, “Paper 116”, in The Urantia Book[2]:
      Some believe that, when the superuniverses are settled in light and life, the Supreme will become functional from Uversea as the almighty and experiential sovereign of the grand universe while expanding in power as the superalmighty of the outer universes.
    • 1965, Charles E. Passage, Faust[3], 1980 Bobbs-Merrill ed. edition, translation of original by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, line 3057, page 107:
      Then comes eternal faith, and love still higher, / Then comes the super-almighty [transl. überallmächt'gem] desire — / Will that be heartfelt too, I inquire?