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super +‎ penis


superpenis (plural superpenises)

  1. (slang) A very large or exceptional penis.
    • 1971, John A. Meeks, The Fragile Alliance: An Orientation to the Outpatient Psychotherapy of the Adolescent, Williams & Wilkins (1971), ISBN 9780683059311, page 123:
      The youngster calmed down somewhat and recognized that he had been saying, in effect, that he had a "superpenis." He laughingly asked, "I guess I made it sound like it was long enough to polevault with, eh?"
    • 1977, John Sparks, The Sexual Connection: Mating the Wild Way, McGraw-Hill (1977), ISBN 9780070599086, page 8:
      The celebrated American sexologists William Masters and Virginia Johnson discovered that superpenises tend to behave differently from average-sized versions.
    • 1978, Donald A. Read & Judith Sutton, The Concept of Health, Holbrook Press (1978), ISBN 9780205056866, page 164:
      Despite persistent legends of "superpenises," the length of the average human penis is three to three-and-a-half inches while flaccid []
    • 2004, Vamik D. Volkan, "Actualized unconscious fantasies and 'therapeutic play' in adults' analyses: further study of these concepts", in Power of Understanding: Essays in Honour of Veikko Tahka (ed. Aira Laine), Karnac Books (2004), ISBN 1855753952, page 138:
      It soon became clear that what Sepp had done by buying this "superbike" was to go from having a non-functional penis to a "superpenis."