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super- +‎ set


superset (plural supersets)

  1. (set theory) (symbol: ) With respect to another set, a set such that each of the elements of the other set is also an element of the set.
    The set of human beings is a superset of the set of human children.
    The set of characters "LBPG" is a superset of the set of characters "PG".
  2. (weightlifting) Two or more different physical exercises performed back-to-back, without a period of rest between them. The exercises may employ the same muscle group, or opposing muscle groups.
    • 2010, Eric Velazquez, "Power Pairings", Reps! 17:83
      While some lifters insist that supersets must consist of consecutive exercises for the same bodypart, others would bet their weight belts that supersets involve opposing bodyparts.


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