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From sub- +‎ set



subset (plural subsets)

  1. (set theory) With respect to another set, a set such that each of its elements is also an element of the other set.
    The set of integers is a subset of the set of reals.
    The set is a both a subset and a proper subset of while the set is a subset of but not a proper subset of .
  2. A group of things or people, all of which are in a specified larger group.
    We asked a subset of the population of the town for their opinion.

Usage notes[edit]


Derived terms[edit]

  • proper subset (subset that is strictly less than the given other set)



subset (third-person singular simple present subsets, present participle subsetting, simple past and past participle subsetted)

  1. (transitive) To take a subset of.
  2. (transitive, computing, typography) To extract only the portions of (a font) that are needed to display a particular document.