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sure up (third-person singular simple present sures up, present participle suring up, simple past and past participle sured up)

  1. to make more sure; more secure; more safe.
    • 2002, Colin Wilks, Emotion, truth and meaning: in defense of Ayer and Stevenson, page 195:
      means of 'reasoned' argument) not only serves to sure up the sense of certainty which people attach to their moral judgments and to the world views from which their judgements ultimately derive, it serves to sure up their sense of
    • 2006, Fred Raynaud, Reflections from the Kitchen, page 88:
      I would verbally walk him through each course, and its preparation, as he roamed the aisles on the other end of the phone. Then, when he got back to his place, he would call again, just to sure up all the details.
    • 2007, Jim Tushinski, Jim Van Buskirk, Identity envy: wanting to be who we're not, page 73:
      I would sure up my mannerisms, tighten up the looseness in my arms and wrists. I would replace my jolly gait with a manly, wide-legged swagger. I would keep myself safe by hiding
    • 2010, Nicholas Fernandez, The Man I Always Knew, page 116:
      This particular summer, the roof needed to be re-tarred. The disagreeable roof consistently gave way to rain and the elements, and once again, it needed to be sured up.

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