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A Spider Surrey made in 1900 by A. T. Demarest & Co. of New York City, on display at the Luray Caverns Car and Carriage Museum in Luray, Virginia, USA

From the Surrey cart, a type of carriage originally made in the county of Surrey in England, UK, and introduced into the USA in 1872.[1]



surrey (plural surreys)

  1. (historical) A light horse-drawn carriage with forward-facing seats accommodating two or four people, popular in the United States; a motorized carriage of similar design.
    • 1874 April 1, “Half-spring No-top Surrey”, in The Hub, volume 16, number 1, New York, N.Y.: Hub Publishing Co., OCLC 841628824, page 9, column 2:
      The Surrey must be looked upon as the spring novelty in the way of road-wagons. It is to be seen prominently displayed in front of several leading repositories in New-York, and there are many reasons to believe it is destined to become a standard pattern of light wagon, which will prove itself well adapted, with modifications, for all sections of the United States. In the general design of its construction, it is a variation of an English vehicle, the so-called "Surrey Cart," but it has been lightened considerably, and its outlines and dimensions are otherwise Americanized. Its originality consists mainly in the light rail around the body, in place of the usual slat or spindle seat.
    • 1941 September, August W[illiam] Derleth, “Beyond the Threshold”, in D. McIlwraith, editor, Weird Tales, volume 36, number 1, New York, N.Y.: Weird Tales, OCLC 55045234; republished in Robert M[cNair] Price, editor, The Ithaqua Cycle: The Wind-walker of the Icy Wastes (Chaosium Publication; no. 6021), Hayward, Calif.: Chaosium, 2006, ISBN 978-1-56882-191-7, page 84:
      It suffered a wide verandah, one side of which led directly into the stables where, in former days, horses, surreys, and buggies had been kept, and where now two cars were housed— []
    • 1943, Oscar Hammerstein II (lyrics), Richard Rodgers (music), “The Surrey with the Fringe on Top”, in Oklahoma!:
      When I take you out, tonight, with me, / Honey, here's the way it's goin' to be: / You will set behind a team of snow white horses, / In the slickest gig you ever see! // Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry / When I take you out in the surrey, / When I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top!


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