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From Proto-Slavic *slьza


sȕza f (Cyrillic spelling су̏за)

  1. tear




From Proto-Bantu *-cùdìa.



  1. (intransitive) to fart, to break wind


Tone class L
Infinitive ukusuza
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular suza suze
Plural suzani suzeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyasuza, ngisuza ngisuza ngisuze
2nd singular uyasuza, usuza usuza usuze
1st plural siyasuza, sisuza sisuza sisuze
2nd plural niyasuza, nisuza nisuza nisuze
Class 1 uyasuza, usuza esuza asuze
Class 2 bayasuza, basuza besuza basuze
Class 3 uyasuza, usuza usuza usuze
Class 4 iyasuza, isuza isuza isuze
Class 5 liyasuza, lisuza lisuza lisuze
Class 6 ayasuza, asuza esuza asuze
Class 7 siyasuza, sisuza sisuza sisuze
Class 8 ziyasuza, zisuza zisuza zisuze
Class 9 iyasuza, isuza isuza isuze
Class 10 ziyasuza, zisuza zisuza zisuze
Class 11 luyasuza, lusuza lusuza lusuze
Class 14 buyasuza, busuza busuza busuze
Class 15 kuyasuza, kusuza kusuza kusuze
Class 17 kuyasuza, kusuza kusuza kusuze
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngisuzile, ngisuzē bengisuza
2nd singular usuzile, usuzē ubesuza
1st plural sisuzile, sisuzē sibesuza
2nd plural nisuzile, nisuzē nibesuza
Class 1 usuzile, usuzē ubesuza
Class 2 basuzile, basuzē bebesuza
Class 3 usuzile, usuzē bewusuza
Class 4 isuzile, isuzē beyisuza
Class 5 lisuzile, lisuzē belisuza
Class 6 asuzile, asuzē abesuza
Class 7 sisuzile, sisuzē besisuza
Class 8 zisuzile, zisuzē bezisuza
Class 9 isuzile, isuzē beyisuza
Class 10 zisuzile, zisuzē bezisuza
Class 11 lusuzile, lusuzē belusuza
Class 14 busuzile, busuzē bebusuza
Class 15 kusuzile, kusuzē bekusuza
Class 17 kusuzile, kusuzē bekusuza
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngāsuza ngangisuza
2nd singular wāsuza wawusuza
1st plural sāsuza sasisuza
2nd plural nāsuza nanisuza
Class 1 wāsuza wayesuza
Class 2 bāsuza babesuza
Class 3 wāsuza wawusuza
Class 4 yāsuza yayisuza
Class 5 lāsuza lalisuza
Class 6 āsuza ayesuza
Class 7 sāsuza sasisuza
Class 8 zāsuza zazisuza
Class 9 yāsuza yayisuza
Class 10 zāsuza zazisuza
Class 11 lwāsuza lwalusuza
Class 14 bāsuza babusuza
Class 15 kwāsuza kwakusuza
Class 17 kwāsuza kwakusuza
1st singular ngizosuza
2nd singular uzosuza
1st plural sizosuza
2nd plural nizosuza
Class 1 uzosuza
Class 2 bazosuza
Class 3 uzosuza
Class 4 izosuza
Class 5 lizosuza
Class 6 azosuza
Class 7 sizosuza
Class 8 zizosuza
Class 9 izosuza
Class 10 zizosuza
Class 11 luzosuza
Class 14 buzosuza
Class 15 kuzosuza
Class 17 kuzosuza