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sweet on (comparative more sweet on, superlative most sweet on)

  1. (idiomatic) Enamored with; fond of.
    • 1874, Wilkie Collins, The Dead Alive, ch. 9:
      Silas had said, "John Jago is too sweet on Naomi not to come back."
    • 1917, Zane Grey, Wildfire, ch. 14:
      "Yes, I Am sweet on Lucy, an' she won't have me," said Slone, steadily. "I asked her to let me come to you an' tell you I wanted to marry her."
    • 2000 July 19, Tony Karon, "Drug Companies Are Supposed to Profit From Human Suffering," Time:
      And they behave as corporations are supposed to do, maximizing their profits . . . and pumping money into the political process to keep Washington sweet on their interests.'
    • 2007, P. M. Carlson, "Frightened Out of Fear" in Sisters on the Case, Sara Paretsky (ed.), →ISBN, p. 26 (Google preview):
      "Officer Degan is sweet on Johanna. I expect wedding bells any day."