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swivel +‎ -y


swivelly (comparative more swivelly, superlative most swivelly)

  1. (informal) With a swivelling motion.
    • 1984, Robert Duncan, The noise: notes from a rock 'n' roll era‎
      ...Elvis, the truck driver with the curvy, vampy pout, the lady-killer revered for the kind of swivelly hips that once we admired only in ladies.
    • 2003, Tim Kennemore, Sabine‎
      Restless, he spun the chair around - it was one of those swivelly office chairs that are brilliant for spinning...
    • 2008, Tricia Dower, Silent girl: stories‎
      Henry seen dat boy talkin at you, de one wit a head as swivelly as a owl's. Seen him teachin you games. Seen you understands.