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  1. (Britain, dialectal or eye-dialectal, dated) To say.
    • 1898, To-day, page 115:
      Thank yer kindly for mi comfortable tea. That's what you was about to sye, eh'!
      No, 'tain't.
    • 1917, The Minneapolis District Dental Journal, page 50:
      [] is nicely depicted in the following literary picture of Sir Douglas Haig by a London Tommy: “Aig, 'e don't sye much, 'e don't; 'e don't, so to sye, sye nothink, sye nothink; but what 'e don't sye don't mean nothink, not 'arf; and when 'e do sye anythink—my Gawd!"
    • 1922, Good Housekeeping, page 104:
      It was a terrible thing to sye of one that's everythink in the world to me, but seein' 'im there, all crumpled up, with one leg one wye, and the other leg another wye, []