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synæresis ‎(plural synæreses)

  1. Alternative spelling of synaeresis
    • 1951 June 30, BB Marsh, Nature 167 — Letters to Nature: A Factor Modifying Muscle Fibre Synæresis, pages 1065–1066:
      IN an attempt to extend observations on the synæresis of actomyosin by adenosine triphosphate to a less disorganized and more physiologically complete system, the volume changes which accompany the disappearance of the latter in a muscle fibre suspension are being studied.
    • 1985, Charles-James N. Bailey, Ethnoloɠue, Languages of the World: English Phonetic Transcription (ISBN-13: 978–0–88312–000–2; ISBN-10: 0–88312–000–3), chapter 9 title:
      Synæresis, spirantization, and sonorant-degemination