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synchrone +‎ -ity


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synchroneity (usually uncountable, plural synchroneities)

  1. The state or characteristic of being synchronous or synchronized.
    • 1979, Jocelyn Paine, "The partnership of artist and audience," Anchorage Daily News, 13 April, p. D1 (retrieved 24 Aug. 2010):
      Artist and audience are bound together in a three-legged race, sometimes reluctant partners, sometimes joyful in synchroneity.
    • 1985, Richard J. Chorley et al., Geomorphology, →ISBN, p. 539:
      Variously generated temperature curves for different localities do not always exhibit clear synchroneities.
    • 2004, Xianfeng Wang et al., "Wet periods in northeastern Brazil over the past 210 kyr linked to distant climate anomalies," Nature, vol. 432, 9 Dec. (retrieved 24 Aug. 2010):
      This widespread synchroneity of climate anomalies suggests a relatively rapid global reorganization of the ocean–atmosphere system.