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Coined as the name of an Encyclopaedia Britannica publication compiled by Mortimer Adler, A Syntopicon: An Index to The Great Ideas (1952).



  1. (rare) A publication that indexes and compares a number of works in some field.
    • 1966, Joseph Samuel Bois, The art of awareness: a textbook on general semantics
      Obviously, this makes for a syntopicon that is extremely personal, that defies all the rules of classification by verbal labels...
    • 1971, American Medical Association, Archives of general psychiatry
      ...the production of a syntopicon of Freud's concepts...
    • 1989, John Stewart, Avoiding common pilot errors: an air traffic controller's view
      Like most of you though, I would like to see an expanded index or perhaps a "syntopicon" added to all of these documents.

Derived terms[edit]