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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Portuguese tavoa, from Latin tabula (board; plank), of uncertain origin.



tábua f (plural tábuas)

  1. board; plank (long, flat piece of wood)
    Usei tábuas de carvalho para fazer o assoalho.
    I used oak boards to build the floor.
  2. chopping board (small board on which food is chopped)
    Piquei uns pepinos na tábua.
    I diced some cucumbers on the chopping board.
  3. a small table for serving food or playing games
    Tábua de queijos.
    Cheese platter.
  4. table (grid of data in rows and columns)
    Procure o seu nome na tábua.
    Look for your name on the table.
  5. (Brazil, slang) a refusal or rejection, especially of a marriage proposal
    Todo mundo viu a tábua que levei da minha ex-namorada.
    Everyone saw the rejection I got from my ex-girlfriend.
  6. (Brazil, slang, derogatory) a woman who is very thin and has small breasts
    Tua mãe é uma tábua.
    Your mom is flat-chested.



  • (a woman with very small breasts): peituda

Derived terms[edit]

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