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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Portuguese tavoleiro (gameboard), from Latin tabula (board).



tabuleiro m (plural tabuleiros)

  1. gameboard (portable surface on which a game is played)
  2. (figuratively) a region or field where a dispute occurs
    A Europa foi um tabuleiro durante a segunda guerra mundial.
    Europe was a gameboard during the Second World War.
    No tabuleiro político, ganha quem investir mais em publicidade.
    In the political gameboard, he who invests most in publicity wins.
  3. baking tray (oven-proof metallic tray used to hold foods in the oven)
  4. tray (rigid object upon which things are carried)
  5. landing (in-between platform or large bottom-most or top-most step of a staircase)
  6. a long table for displaying goods in a market stall
  7. (North Brazil) a beach where turtles lay their eggs
  8. (Brazil) a sandbank which appears when the water level is low
  9. (Brazil, geography) a plain with low vegetation
  10. the floor of a cart
  11. (architecture) the horizontal support of a bridge


Derived terms[edit]

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