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tacit +‎ -ly


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tacitly (comparative more tacitly, superlative most tacitly)

  1. In a tacit manner; done in silence or implied.
    Your failure to object to the request resulted in you tacitly approving the change.
    • 1856, Mrs. William Busk, Mediæval Popes, Emperors, Kings, and Crusaders: Or, Germany, Italy and Palestine, from A.D. 1125 to A.D. 1268[1], volume IV, London: Hookham and Sons, →OCLC, page 294:
      The new accusation brought by Urban against Manfred of murdering his sister-in-law's embassador – it may be observed that, tacitly, he acquits him of parricide, fratricide, and nepoticide – requires a little explanation.
    • 2012, James Lambert, “Beyond Hobson-Jobson: A new lexicography for Indian English”, in World Englishes[2], page 306:
      The assumption that these are identical in meaning and usage between Indian English and Anglo-American English, while tacitly accepted, is untested, and fundamentally unknown.