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Alternative forms[edit]


tail +‎ swing



  1. When turning a heavy vehicle, the movement of the rear portion of the vehicle in the opposite direction from the direction the front end turns.
    • 1994, David Needham & Robert Dransfield, Business Studies, →ISBN, page 133:
      The authorities provided the boats, and Smalley mounted machines on them that could dredge and clear weed, working in shallow waterways under low, narrow bridges, unhindered by a counterweight tailswing.
    • 1999, Howard I. Shapiro, Jay P. Shapiro, & Lawrence K. Shapiro, Cranes and derricks, →ISBN, page 268:
      The tailswing radius may encroach over an active traffic lane or face interference from an obstruction.
    • 2011, Nat Segnit, Pub Walks in Underhill Country, →ISBN:
      Still, spookiness is a contextual matter, and with a zero-tailswing excavator to clear a larger patio, there'd be nothing to stop an enterprising self-builder taking advantage of the fundamentally sound Cotswold stonework to knock up an attractive, if isolated, starter home or holiday cottage.
    • 2014, Johnny Tipler, Porsche Carrera: The Air-Cooled Era, 1953-1998, →ISBN:
      ...they wouldn't be able to employ the 911's tailswing characteristics with the neutral handling 914/6, and none of them challenged the Alpine Renaults for outright supremacy.