take for a ride

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take for a ride

  1. (transitive) To deceive someone.
    • 2018 May 4, Tom English, “Steven Gerrard: A 'seriously clever or recklessly stupid' Rangers appointment”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      This image of Gerrard as Liverpool's grand protector chimes with everything we know about him and his passion for his club. From day one he was watching out for the bluffers and chancers who were seeking to take Liverpool for a ride.
  2. (transitive) To drive (a person) to a remote location where they are killed.
    • 1997, Ian Macdonald, ‎Betty O'Keefe, The Mulligan Affair: Top Cop on the Take (page 37)
      There had been previous killings, but Brent was the first to be taken for a ride in true gangster style. Police said his shooting had the earmarks of a professional job.




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