take to one's bed

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take to one's bed

  1. (intransitive) To become bedbound due to sickness or infirmity.
    • 1873, Charles Dickens, The Poems of Adelaide A. Procter, Introduction:
      And so the time came when she could move about no longer, and took to her bed.
    • 1883 December, Harper’s Magazine, page 135:
      By-and-by he took to his bed.
    • 1901, Andrew Lang, "The Maiden with the Wooden Helmet" in The Violet Fairy Book:
      Each day he grew more and more wretched, till at length he took to his bed and never got up.
    • 1920, D. H. Lawrence, chapter 16, in Women in Love:
      He liked sometimes to be ill enough to take to his bed.
    • 2008 Oct. 23, David Smith, "Eminem set for comeback," New Zealand Herald (retrieved 19 Sep. 2011):
      He says he took to his bed for a year and couldn't write.


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