take up a collection

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take up a collection

  1. (idiomatic) To request and receive money or goods of value from members of a group, especially for a charitable purpose.
    • 1885, Mark Twain, chapter 20, in Huckleberry Finn:
      Then somebody sings out, "Take up a collection for him, take up a collection!" Well, a half a dozen made a jump to do it, but somebody sings out, "Let HIM pass the hat around!"
    • 1915, Mary Roberts Rinehart, chapter 27, in K: A Novel:
      "But I hope nobody's took up a collection for me. I don't want no charity."
    • 2001 Sep. 17, Jodie Morse, "Campus Crusader," Time:
      When Simmons won a scholarship to Dillard University, her high school teachers took up a collection so she'd have a coat.