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From a Vulgar Latin *tardīvus, from Latin tardus (slow; late; tardy). Compare French tardif, Italian tardivo, Romanian târziu, Spanish tardío.



tardio m (feminine singular tardia, masculine plural tardios, feminine plural tardias, comparable)

  1. belated (later in relation to the proper time)
    Synonyms: atrasado, serôdio, tarde
    Antonyms: cedo, precoce
  2. (botany, of a plant) which flourishes, ripens or fructifies after the usual timespan
    Synonym: serôdio
    Antonym: precoce
  3. slow (spread over a comparatively long time)
    Synonyms: demorado, lento, moroso, tardo
    Antonym: rápido
  4. slow (taking a long time to move)
    Synonyms: lento, moroso, vagaroso
    Antonyms: acelerado, rápido, veloz
  5. late (near the end of a period of time)
    Synonym: final
    Antonym: inicial

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