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tard +‎ -let



tardlet (plural tardlets)

  1. (slang, derogatory, offensive) A young or inconsequential fool.
    • 2011 October 28, ~BD~ [username], “Re: Boatman”, in microsoft.public.test.here, Usenet[1]:
      You are the laughing stock now, tardlet.
    • 2012 June 30, [Tor] Phoenix [username], “Re: [Tard] Phoenix Confesses”, in alt.fan.karl-malden.nose, Usenet[2]:
      Care to explain what you're babbling about this time, tardlet?
    • 2013 December 12, Andre Winsor, “Re: Hello, Is This Still a Webtv Group???”, in alt.online-service.webtv, Usenet[3]:
      What a dumbass you are, tardlet.
  2. (slang, derogatory, offensive) A child with a cognitive disability.
    • 2002 June 19, Nurz Rachet, “Re: HURL: Special dolls for special little people....”, in alt.tasteless, Usenet[4]:
      I can't believe these cretins actually think they're doing these tardlets a favor.
    • 2005 August 15, khan [username], “Re: News: Don't Glare At Moms!”, in alt.support.childfree, Usenet[5]:
      & think how the 'joy' increases when tardlet hits puberty. Still spinning & screaming, but bigger & stronger than moo, with all those hormones pouring in.
    • 2012 January 31, Michael Gross, “Non-Deathwatch: Tardlet may get kidney transplant”, in alt.obituaries, Usenet[6]: