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  1. plural of tarnation



  1. Used to express anger, irritation, disappointment, annoyance, contempt, etc.
    • 1947, Paul Vincent Carroll, ‎Guy Robertson, Plays for juvenile performers, page 22:
      Girl (wryly, as she moves to r. of Marnitski, looking at all the medicine). Oh, gracious me ! Oh, you poor thing ! King. Tarnations and thunderbolts !
    • 1964, Irving Wallace, The Man, page 537:
      Hell and tarnations, I've known them for muddleheads and blockheads half my life, and firsthand, but I sure didn't expect them to take leave of their senses, insulting our office of President, making our Party into a white demagogue's party, slapping the Negro vote in the face.
    • 1971, Pamana, page 40:
      Tarnations! You should be a cloth merchant with that blanket You're making it a hot thing and I'm cold.