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teach-in (plural teach-ins)

  1. An extended session of lectures or discussions on controversial topics as a form of protest.
    • 1965 April 9, "Pickets and Bomb Threats Disrupt Michigan Teach-In", The New York Times, page 65,
      Bomb threats and pickets disrupted an all-night "teach-in" tonight at Michigan State University.
    • 1980, George A. Kourvetaris & Betty A. Dobratz, Political Sociology: Readings in Research and Theory, →ISBN, p. 332.
      A more direct example of linkages between elite dissent and mass protest is the "Teach-In" movement which began in March 1965 at the University of Michigan (Menashe and Radosh, 1967).
    • 2006, Antonia Juhasz, The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time, HarperCollins, page 95,
      He was a cohost of our Johannesburg teach-in and helped orchestrate a conclusion to the teach-in that was even more memorable than its beginning.