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team +‎ -wise


teamwise (not comparable)

  1. With regard to a team.
    • 2001, Todd Balf, The last river: the tragic race for Shangri-la
      He is also aware that, teamwise, it's not a bad strategy to stay closer to Roger's camp than to Doug and Jamie's, who seem to be getting more enthusiastic about paddling...
    • 2004, Frank Fitzpatrick, You Can't Lose 'Em All: The Year the Phillies Finally Won the World Series
      "We got some good things done teamwise," Green said the following day. "I think we're as close a ballclub right now than we have been in a long time."
    • 2005, Mae Taylor Moss, The emotionally intelligent nurse leader
      Teamwise, this shortening of all organizational functions brings the support and stability of the management process closer to the day-to-day work of the team members who make up the foundation.