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techno- +‎ geek


technogeek (plural technogeeks)

  1. (informal) A geek with expertise in technology, especially computers.
    • 1992, Carl Malamud, Exploring the Internet: a technical travelogue, page 111:
      Being able to use electronic mail, for example, should be a prerequisite to getting a piece published and certainly won't cause a writer to transform into a technogeek.
    • 2007 September 6, Penelope Green, “Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed”, in New York Times[1]:
      Do-it-yourselfers and technogeeks, tinkerers, artists, crafters and product and furniture designers, the hackers are united only by their perspective, which looks upon an Ikea Billy bookcase or Lack table and sees not a finished object but raw material: a clean palette yearning to be embellished or repurposed.