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techno- +‎ junkie


technojunkie (plural technojunkies)

  1. (informal) One who has an addiction to computer technology.
    • 1992, Don Rittner, EcoLinking: everyone's guide to online environmental information
      You don't have to be a computer nerd or a technojunkie to take advantage of the power of today's communications technology.
    • 1995, Walt Crawford, Michael Gorman, Future Libraries: Dreams, Madness and Reality (page 38)
      Then the vicious spiral of technolust occurred — true technojunkies had to buy their Pentium PCs in 1993 or early 1994 because after that, PowerPCs would be out and it would be too late. Only the newest will do.
    • 2003, Lydia Ash, The Web testing companion, page 12:
      The project management team will help you understand the target audience (corporate users? children? senior citizens? technojunkies?) and how the product will be used.